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Where the Dicks Go: Making a Difference with Ship A Dick

Greetings, chuckle champions! As we enjoy the laughs and gags from our beloved cardboard creations, it’s time to take a peek behind the curtain and see how these phallic phenomena are making a real difference. That’s right, every giant cardboard dick is not just a bearer of laughs; it’s also a champion in the fight against prostate cancer!

Every Dick Counts

Did you know that every time you send one of our hilarious cardboards, you’re contributing to something truly monumental? With £1 from each sale going to prostate cancer research, we’re turning giggles into groundbreaking research, one dick at a time.

The Power of 100 Dicks

Let’s talk numbers. When 100 dicks march out of our doors (that’s £100 for those counting), they cover the cost of analysing six blood samples. This critical research helps scientists find new ways to identify aggressive prostate cancer, leading to earlier diagnosis for those in need.

300 Dicks: Unraveling Cancer’s Mysteries

And what about 300 dicks? That’s £300, which covers the analysis of tumor DNA in the blood of one man. This isn’t just science; it’s a lifeline, offering insights into the best treatment options for those battling the disease.

500 Dicks: A Leap Towards Discovery

At the grand tally of 500 dicks (£500, if you’re keeping track), we step into the realm of RNA extraction from 50 blood samples. This is where big strides are made in identifying genetic markers associated with prostate cancer. It’s not just research; it’s hope.

Laughter with a Mission

So, while you’re busy sending ‘Default Dicks’ and ‘Happy Birthday Dicks’, know that you’re also a part of a grander scheme. Each laugh, each surprised expression is a step towards a world where prostate cancer can be defeated.

Join the Movement

As we continue our mission of shipping joy and laughter, let’s not forget the impact we’re making together. Whether it’s a ‘You Old Dick’ for a birthday surprise or a ‘So Schlong’ for a fond farewell, each product is a piece in the puzzle of curing prostate cancer. 

Wrapping It Up 

So, the next time you’re about to send one of our cardboards, remember: you’re not just being a bit of a dick, you’re being a massive help. Here’s to more laughter, more research and a future where prostate cancer is nothing but a memory. Ship a Dick: where every package counts towards a greater cause! 

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