Prostate Cancer UK - £3,000 donation


Hello, laugh lovers and chuckle chums! In just a blink of an eye (well, a few months actually), we have raised a whopping £3000 for Prostate Cancer UK. That’s right – £3000! – and it’s our beloved customers (yes, you!) who have helped us achieve this fantastic milestone. So, thank you.  

Let’s talk about why this matters. Prostate cancer is no joke. It’s the most common cancer for men in the UK, with more than 52,000 brave souls diagnosed every year – that’s about 144 each day​​. The battle is tough, with one man losing his fight every 45 minutes. Did you know, there’s are currently 490,000 men living with and after prostate cancer​​​​ in the UK?

But here’s a heartening fact: survival rates are on the rise. The one-year survival rate has soared from 66% in the early ’70s to 94% in recent years​​. Five-year survival rates aren’t far behind, jumping from 37% to a hopeful 85%​​. And the ten-year outlook? It’s bright! Survival has leaped from 25% to an inspiring 84%, with more than 8-in-10 men predicted to survive for at least a decade after diagnosis​​. 

Why are these numbers important, you ask? Because every cardboard creation you buy from Ship A Dick isn’t just a hearty laugh in the post – it’s a step towards changing these statistics for the better. Our mission is bold and clear: to become the biggest donor to Prostate Cancer UK by 2030. And with each quirky gift, we’re inching closer to this goal. 

So, what can you do? First, keep the chuckles coming! Whether it’s for a birthday, a ‘just because’ or even an apology (we all have those moments), choose to send a laugh with a side of love and support. 

And to our fantastic customers, we extend another hearty thank you. Your love for fun and willingness to support a noble cause is what makes Ship A Dick more than just a novelty. It makes us a community – a community that laughs together, supports each other and fights the good fight. 

Together, let’s keep this ship sailing towards a future where prostate cancer is but a memory. 

Keep laughing, keep supporting and let’s give prostate cancer the boot, one giant cardboard dick at a time! 

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P.S. Here’s a very proud co-founder Adam presented a unique dick cheque to Ellie at Prostate Cancer UK 🤟


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