Office Christmas Party

The Ultimate Guide to Office Christmas Parties: Adding a Twist with Ship A Dick

Ah, the office Christmas party – a time-honoured tradition where colleagues come together to celebrate the year’s end with good food, laughter and the inevitable exchange of gifts and pleasantries.  

While these parties are a staple of corporate culture, bringing much-needed relaxation and camaraderie, they can sometimes feel predictable. How about we break the mould this year? Let’s add a twist that’ll make this year’s party not just another event on the calendar but a memorable talked-about extravaganza. 

You probably realise there’s no better way to say Xmas than a giant cardboard ‘Happy Christmas’ dick. Beyond just being a gag, these cardboards bring laughter, surprise and a unique brand of joy to any setting – perfect for your office Christmas party. 

Before diving into the details of how to incorporate these whimsical pieces into your event, let’s explore the various options available. From the classic “Default Dick”, a masterpiece of humorous greeting, to the seasonally apt “Happy Dickmas” card, there’s a range to choose from. And with each purchase, you’re doing good too – £1 from each sale goes to prostate cancer research. It’s merrymaking with a mission.  

Embracing the Festive Spirit 

Office Christmas parties are all about spreading joy and creating memories. Ship A Dick’s “Happy Dickmas” offering is a comical way to push aside the conventional and bring something truly special to the party. Imagine the laughter and surprise as your colleagues receive a giant cardboard greeting, adding a dose of humour to the holiday festivities. 

A Playful Approach to Tradition 

Gone are the days of boring Secret Santa gifts. Ship A Dick offers a variety of amusing options to fit your office’s vibe. From their “Default Dick,” dubbed as their original masterpiece, to customised messages, this playful twist ensures your office Christmas party will be talked about long after the decorations come down. 

Doing Good While Being Naughty 

The best part? Ship A Dick isn’t just about laughs. They have a heart, too. For every cardboard masterpiece sent, £1 goes to prostate cancer research. So, while you’re sharing a joke with your colleagues, you’re also contributing to a noble cause. 

How to Incorporate Ship A Dick in Your Party 

  • Secret Santa with a Twist: Instead of the usual gift exchange, why not have a Ship A Dick Secret Santa? Each participant receives a humorous cardboard greeting, ensuring a room full of laughter. 
  • Decorations with a Difference: Use these unique cardboard creations to add a cheeky touch to your office decorations. It’s a great conversation starter and sure to bring a smile. 
  • Charity Auction: Host an auction with these quirky items and donate the proceeds to charity, aligning with Ship A Dick’s mission of doing good. 
  • Photo Booth Fun: Set up a photo booth with these amusing props. It’s a great way for employees to capture memories of the party in a fun and light-hearted way. 

Wrapping It Up 

As the evening winds down and your office Christmas party ends, you’ll find that adding Ship A Dick to the mix was more than just a momentary laugh. It was a chance to break away from the norm, to create an environment where fun and charity go hand in hand. In a season often marked by routine celebrations, your party will stand out as one that brings genuine smiles and unexpected joy. 

Remember, the essence of the holiday season is about spreading cheer, making memories and embracing a spirit of giving. With Ship A Dick, you’ve managed to encompass all these elements in a refreshingly unique way. So, as you bid farewell to your colleagues, amidst the remnants of decorations and the echoes of laughter, know that this year’s office Christmas party was not just another gathering – it was a delightful celebration of humour, camaraderie and goodwill. 

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