Best Christmas Pranks

Ship A Dick’s Top Picks: The Best Christmas Prank of All Time

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas or a witty one? Ready to jingle all the way into a holiday filled with laughter? Ship A Dick’s got your back with our top prank picks, ready to make your Christmas both naughtier and nicer! We’re here to add our personal style of cheeky cheer to your festivities, making this year’s Christmas pranks more memorable than ever.  


Reinventing Elf Antics: Dick on a Brick

Forget the elf; this year, it’s all about “Dick on a Brick.” Swap out that overworked elf with our iconic cardboard cut-out and watch as the holiday hijinks unfold. As you lay out the cookies and milk, place our cardboard companion in the elf’s stead and wait for the morning gasps. Capture the moment their priceless expressions as they lay eyes on their new festive buddy, and don’t forget to share the joy with us on social media! 


The Legendary St. Dickolas

Our “Happy Dickmas” cutout is set to dethrone Secret Santa. No more predictable gifts. No more ho-hum holiday exchanges. It’s time to usher in the era of St. Dickolas, a saint who brings not just a bag full of laughs but also a heart full of goodwill. With every roar of laughter, you’re contributing to a noble cause, supporting prostate cancer research. This is your chance to make your Secret Santa gift the centrepiece of holiday chatter, all while doing some good in the world. 


Kiss Under the Dickstletoe, Anyone? 

Why settle for a simple peck under the mistletoe when you can have a riot under the Dickstletoe? Swap out the traditional greenery for our cheeky, Christmas-themed dick. It’s a surefire way to get your close ones talking and the party started. Hang it high and embrace the festive fun. It’s not just about stealing kisses; it’s about stealing the spotlight with a playful twist on holiday romance. 


Incorporating Ship A Dick into Your Festive Traditions

The joy doesn’t stop at just pranks. Incorporate our cardboard schlongs into your holiday decor for a truly unforgettable setting. Whether it’s a cheeky centrepiece or a surprise under the Christmas tree, Ship A Dick is your golden ticket to a holiday filled with high spirits. 


Wrapping Up the Year with a Bow (and a Dick)

As the year draws to a close, and the carollers sing their last tunes, let the laughter linger on. With Ship A Dick, you’ve not only created a Christmas to remember, but you’ve also sown the seeds of joy that will grow well into the New Year. 


Remember, each Ship A Dick prank is not just about spreading joy and laughter; it’s also about doing some good in the world. With every product, we donate £1 to prostate cancer research. We love hearing about the joy and hilarity our products bring. So, why not share your own Ship A Dick prank stories in the comments below? Let’s spread the festive cheer and inspire others with your creative pranks- let make this Christmas count with jokes that are both naughty and nice!

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