Ship A Dick launch

Ship A Dick Launch – We’re Live and Ready To Ship Your Dick

Finally, it’s the Ship A Dick launch and we’re off on an extraordinary journey. We’re happy to report that our ship is completely filled and that we are prepared to set sail for your door to bring you comedy, amusement and a worthwhile cause. Let’s get right into the fun of our launch and see how you may obtain a massive cardboard dick!

It’s go time 

Ship A Dick is now online and operating after months of preparation, strategizing, and much laughter. We’ve put together a daring team of dick fans, and we’re committed to work as a team to share joy and make a difference in the battle against prostate cancer.

Unleashing the Dicks! 

Imagine this: Your friend receives a delivery at their door and when they open it, they find a genuine Ship A Dick inside, which is a huge, hilarious surprise! Our dicks are a way to connect with your friends, share stories, and express your support for a worthwhile cause. They’re more than simply a good chuckle. Similar like delivering a message in a bottle, but with the assurance that the recipient would remember it forever!

The Smooth Sailing Experience 

Your journey will be easy and entertaining thanks to the layout of our website. Finding the gigantic cardboard dicks you’re looking for is simple thanks to our range of clever designs that will make your friends laugh. Additionally, we’ve improved the checkout procedure so you can easily finish placing your order.

Join the Dick Mission 

The main goal of Ship A Dick is to unite guys for a good time and an even greater purpose. Join us on this incredible adventure by joining our quest. You are promoting both humour and prostate cancer research in the UK with each dick you send. Being a part of our non-secret group is similar to belonging to a secret society.

Get dicking 

The launch of the Ship A Dick marks a thrilling new stage in our journey. With each enormous cardboard dick, we’re happy to spread joy and contribute to society. So help spread the news and let’s set off on a journey full of joy, friendship, and a shared determination to defeat prostate cancer. Prepare to send off your first Ship A Dick; your friends won’t soon forget the experience!

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