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£1 goes to prostate cancer.

  • 1 Dick 4 Life

    for stags and hens

    48 Hour Delivery 1 Dick 4 Life

    Someone has just popped the question, excluding all the other dicks in the world. This is the commitment dick.
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  • Happy Dickmas

    the festive dick

    48 Hour Delivery Happy Dickmas

    Push aside the advent calendar, tell Tiny Tim to stop moaning and silence the carol singers because this year, we have something very special.
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  • Clever Dick

    promotions, graduations etc.

    48 Hour Delivery Clever Dick

    This is the dick for promotions, new jobs, exam results, winning a pub quiz or getting highest score on Mario Kart.
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  • Default Dick

    the original dick

    48 Hour Delivery Default Dick

    Volkswagen had the Golf, Apple the MacIntosh, God had Jesus. For us, this is the original masterpiece.
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  • So Schlong

    a farewell dick

    48 Hour Delivery So Schlong

    Some dicks just love to roam, to see the world and taste the exotic. Send them off with a big dick.
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  • Yay! It Works

    a dick for new baby celebrations

    48 Hour Delivery Yay! It Works

    Before they hear the pitter patter of tiny feet, let them say, ‘Oh my God, I’ve been sent a giant dick!’
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  • You Old Dick

    the birthday dick

    48 Hour Delivery You Old Dick

    Getting old is so dull. Every year it’s the same card, naff gifts and a few WhatsApps… but not this year!
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  • Sorry For Being A…

    The dick to say sorry

    48 Hour Delivery Sorry For Being A…

    We all know dicks are awesome but sometimes people can be a dick. Apologise with a I’m Sorry For Being A…
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  • I Love You

    The dick for the lovers

    48 Hour Delivery I Love You

    When Shakespeare wrote Romeo & Juliet, folklore says he was inspired by a ye olde massive cardboard cock.
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  • Happy Birthday

    happy birthday dick

    48 Hour Delivery Happy Birthday

    Is there a better way to say ‘Happy Birthday’ than with a giant, cardboard, boner-fide Ship A Dick? Nope.
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You’ve reached the end of the product page. At this point we just make stuff up and dick around because we need to add more word for Google to pay attention to our website.

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Prostate Cancer UK invests millions to find better treatments and better tests that can spot fast-growing cancers early, and could be used in a screening programme to save thousands of lives.

Our Dick Manifesto
  • “After three glorious years, my team at work bought me a ‘So Schlong Dick’. It now sits pride of place in my trophy cabinet.”

    - The Chelsea Badger

    The Chelsea Badger
  • “Was sent this by my brother; the dog thought it was a large Bonio, which wasn’t far from the truth.”

    - Toby from Cheltenham

    Toby from Cheltenham
  • “The finest anniversary present my wife has ever bought me – thanks Mrs D.”

    - Adam from Malvern

    Adam from Malvern
  • “I was Ship A Dicks’ first ever customer and I couldn’t be happier with my massive wanger.”

    - Guy from Derby

    Guy from Derby

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