Valentine's Day

Post-Valentine’s Round-Up: The Funniest Moments from Our Customers

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, leaving in its wake a trail of love, laughter and ludicrously large cardboard genitals.  

That means it’s now time for our Post-Valentine’s Round-Up, a celebration of the most hilariously heartwarming moments shared by you, our beloved Ship a Dick aficionados.

So, grab a cuppa, sit back and prepare to be amused by the best of Valentine’s Day, as told by those who dared to express love with a giant cardboard dick. 

Our first tale comes from Jenny in Bristol, who decided to surprise her long-distance boyfriend with the “I Love You Dick.” Picture this: a Zoom date, two lovebirds’ miles apart and a parcel that promised romance. As he unwrapped the giant cardboard love letter, his laughter echoed through the digital divide, bridging the gap between them with a shared sense of absurdity. It was a Valentine’s Day neither of them will forget, proving that love knows no bounds, especially when it’s six feet of cardboard. 

Then there’s the story of Tom from Liverpool, who thought outside the box – literally. He transformed his “Happy Birthday Dick” into a scavenger hunt clue, leading his partner on a wild chase around their flat, culminating in the grand reveal of the comedic phallus. The laughter that followed was worth every second of his crafty planning. 

Our round-up wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Sarah from Leeds. She sent the “You Old Dick” to her husband, a man who prides himself on his age like a fine wine. When he displayed it proudly in their living room window, it not only brought laughter to their home but also to every passerby on their street. Their house quickly became a local landmark, known as ‘the one with the giant dick in the window.’ That’s one way to spread the love in the community! 

These stories are just a glimpse of the joy that Ship a Dick brought to many this Valentine’s Day. Our customers embraced the spirit of love with a healthy dose of humour, proving that sometimes, the best way to say ‘I love you’ is with a giant cardboard dick. 

We encourage you to keep sharing your stories, your laughs and your love. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or just a regular Tuesday, there’s never a bad time to add a little humour to your expression of affection. So, keep sending those giant cardboard tokens of love and don’t forget to share your stories with us. 

In closing, let’s remember that while Valentine’s Day comes but once a year, laughter and love are always in season. Here at Ship a Dick, we’re proud to be a part of your love stories so until next Valentine’s Day, keep spreading joy, one giant dick at a time. 

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