New Year

New Year’s Resolutions: Adding More Laughter to Your Life

Happy New Year, you wonderful weirdos! As the confetti settles and the champagne bubbles fade, it’s time for those dreaded New Year’s resolutions. But fear not! This year, we’re ditching the usual boring promises for something way more fun. 

Why Laughter is the Best Resolution 

Let’s face it, the world can be a pretty serious place. That’s why we believe laughter is not just the best medicine, but also the best resolution. It’s scientifically proven to reduce stress, improve your mood and even boost your immune system. And hey, it’s a lot more enjoyable than banning chocolate for the year (seriously, who does that?). 

Embrace the Silly

Our first tip for a laugh-filled year? Embrace the silly in everyday life. Whether it’s sporting ridiculous socks to work or having a cartoon marathon, finding joy in the small and goofy things. Remember, life’s too short to always act your age. 

Spread the Cheer

Next up, why keep all the fun to yourself? Spread the cheer with random acts of silliness. Send a friend one of our signature giant cardboard surprises or start a spontaneous dance-off in the living room. Laughter is contagious, after all! 

Say Yes to New Adventures

New year, new you, right? So, say yes to new adventures – the zanier, the better. Take that improv class you’ve been eyeing or go on that wacky-themed cruise. New experiences are the perfect breeding ground for unforgettable laughs. 

Join the Ship a Dick Fun Brigade

And of course, we can’t talk about adding laughter to your life without a shameless plug for our own products. Looking for a guaranteed giggle? Our comical cardboard creations are just the ticket. Because nothing says ‘Happy New Year’ like a giant cardboard phallus arriving at your door. 

Keep It Light

Lastly, keep it light. Life’s going to throw curveballs, but a light-hearted approach can make all the difference. Next time you’re in a pickle, try to find the humour in the situation. After all, if you can laugh at it, you can live with it. 

Wrapping It Up 

As we march into the new year, let’s make a pact to laugh more, stress less and enjoy the ridiculousness of life. Add more laughter to your 2023 and we promise, it’ll be a year to remember. So, here’s to chuckles, chortles and cardboard – the Ship a Dick way! 

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