2024 with Ship A Dick

New Year, New Laughs: Preparing for 2024 with Ship A Dick  

Ring in the New Year with a dose of side-splitting humour courtesy of Ship A Dick! As the clock ticks towards 2024, let’s ensure your countdown is more than just confetti and champagne- it’s time to infuse some cheeky fun into your New Year’s Eve shenanigans.   


Resolution Revamp 

This New Year, pledge to sprinkle more laughter and positivity throughout the year. Our novelty dicks are here to remind you to not take life too seriously. Let’s raise a toast to a year filled with good vibes and great pranks! Gone of the days are cliché resolutions such as losing weight or saving money- this year, it’s all about embracing the lighter side of life. Promise yourself a year of laughter!


Selfies with a Twist: Chuckle into 2024 

Elevate your selfie game! As 2024 unfurls its new beginnings, ensure your first memories are of having a laugh. As the New Year’s Eve countdown begins, grab a dick, strike a pose and post it on the Insta. Tag us and let the world see how you’re starting the year viral! Who knows, your cheeky snap could be the next big internet sensation.


Purposeful Pranks: A Laughing Start  

We at Ship A Dick are all for jokes with a heart. When you choose our products to prank your pals, you’re also lending a hand to prostate cancer research. That’s right, each purpose helps you start 2024 with a hearty laugh and a helping hand… It’s not just a mirth; it’s a step towards making a difference. What better way to kick off the New Year than by spreading joy and contributing to a noble cause?


Laughter is the Best Medicine: A Year of Humour Therapy

Make 2024 a year of humour therapy. In a world that can be sometimes too serious, remind yourself and others to take a breather and enjoy a good laugh. Our products aren’t just pranks; they’re reminders that life is better when you’re chuckling. Get organised with your gifts in 2024! Whether it’s a surprise joke for Valentine’s Day, lighting up a birthday party or simply to spread cheer on a random Tuesday… the possibilities are endless!


As the New Year approaches, think of Ship A Dick as your go-to for a giggle-filled beginning. Here’s to a year of joy, jokes, and generosity. Welcome 2024 with open arms and a light heart, knowing that your celebrations are contributing to an important cause. Cheers to a hilariously happy New Year. Let’s make 2024 a year to remember – filled with laughter, light-heartedness and love. Happy New Year from all of us at Ship A Dick!

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