Ship A Dick Prostate cancer research

We’ll Become The Biggest Prostate Cancer Research Donor

At Ship A Dick, we believe that greeting cards should be sent in the form of enormous cardboard dicks. Today, however, we would like to discuss a more serious aspect of our mission: the fight against prostate cancer. Because we want to become the largest donor for prostate cancer research in the UK by 2030!

Why prostate cancer? 

Each year, prostate cancer claims the lives of several young men in the UK. In fact, one in eight men will experience it at some point in their lives. Since thousands of guys encounter this difficulty each year, it’s time to band together and fight back.

Our Serious Mission

Yes, we like a good chuckle, but we also think that we can change the world. We have focused on generating money for prostate cancer research because of this. Each enormous cardboard dick that you send through Ship A Dick will donate £1 to UK prostate cancer research. By 2030, we want to be the largest donor to this cause, and we know we can achieve it with your support.8

Why Prostate Cancer Research Matters 

Prostate cancer is a cunning foe. Early on, it frequently exhibits no symptoms, making detection challenging. We can help develop better techniques for early diagnosis and more efficient therapies by funding research activities. Researchers are navigating unexplored medical waters in an effort to find a cure for this illness, just as we do while selling dicks in unfamiliar waters. We are here to assist with that.

The Impact of Your Purchase 

You’re not only delivering a chuckle when you send a gigantic cardboard dick as a card; you’re also conveying hope. Each purchase directly supports our goal of funding prostate cancer research. It’s like joining a strong fleet and setting sail for a single objective.

Join the Crew and Make a Difference 

Let’s be strong and proud. Let’s demonstrate the goodness of dicks! In addition to sharing a joke, sending a Ship A Dick to your partner raises awareness of prostate cancer. Share our mission with your friends and urge them to examine their prostate health.

Together, We’re Strong 

We are aware that the road to being the largest donor for prostate cancer research won’t be easy. However, with your help, we are able to weather any storm that comes our way. Prostate cancer is a silent killer today, yet every pound matters, and every gift helps us get there.

 We’re all in this together  

We at Ship A Dick are firm believers in the positive effects that humour, friendship and change can have. Although prostate cancer is a formidable adversary, united we can raise the banner of hope and fortitude.

Let’s navigate this sea of difficulties while raising money for prostate cancer research. We transmit a message of unity and tenacity with each enormous cardboard dick we distribute. Join our team, spread the word and let’s work together to defeat prostate cancer for good!

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