Customer Spotlight: How Ship A Dick Brought Joy in Unexpected Ways 

Customer Spotlight: How Ship A Dick Brought Joy in Unexpected Ways

Hello, chuckle enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the hilarious world of our customers and their side-splitting experiences with our oversized cardboard companions. Prepare for tales of laughter, surprise and the odd raised eyebrow – all thanks to a little bit of cardboard creativity.

The Birthday Bash to Remember

Remember the ‘You Old Dick’ sent by Sarah to her hubby Dave in Glasgow? Dave’s reaction to this birthday surprise was a mix of shock and uncontrollable laughter. Who knew turning another year older could be this hilarious?

The Hen Party Hero

Jill from Liverpool took our ‘1 Dick 4 Life’ to her bestie’s hen do, and let’s just say, it was the life of the party. Nothing says “till death do us part” like a cardboard phallus, right?

The Office Legend

When Mark from Bristol left his job, his colleagues gave him a ‘So Schlong’ as a parting gift. It was the talk of the office for weeks and even got its own farewell speech!

Spreading Festive Cheer with ‘Happy Dickmas’

The Johnson family in Norwich decided to ditch traditional cards and sent out ‘Happy Dickmas’ to all their friends. The resulting group chat was a series of LOLs and OMGs – festive cheer indeed!

The Graduation Gag

Lucy from Manchester celebrated her graduation with a ‘Clever Dick’. It took the stage during the photo session, and let’s just say, her graduation pictures are now legendary in her college.

A Romantic Gesture with a Twist

Tom from Leeds chose to express his love in a unique way by sending his girlfriend a ‘I Love You’ dick. According to her Instagram, it was “the most romantic and hilarious thing ever!”

New Baby Celebrations with ‘Yay! It Works’

And let’s not forget about the ‘Yay! It Works’ sent by Emma to her brother celebrating the arrival of his new baby. The picture of him holding it next to the crib went viral in their family WhatsApp group! 

Wrapping It Up 

These delightful tales are just a few examples of how our cheeky cardboard gifts have brought unexpected joy and laughter. From birthdays and farewells to celebrations and just because – our giant cardboard creations are there to add a burst of humor to any occasion. 

So keep on sending those laughs, folks. The world needs more smiles, and we’re here to deliver them – one giant cardboard dick at a time! 

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