Our Customers’ Funniest Stories

Celebrating the Holidays with a Laugh: Our Customers’ Funniest Stories

Hey there, holiday revellers! As we deck the balls, er…., halls, and get ready for the festive season, let’s not forget to have a laugh. Here at Ship A Dick have been lucky enough to sprinkle some of this magic into your celebrations. From quirky cardboard surprises to unforgettable moments, we’ve seen it all. So, grab a cuppa, settle in, and join us as we dive into some of our Customers’ Funniest Stories, mixed with a few yarns of our own. It’s going to be a hoot! 

The Anniversary Surprise 

“The finest anniversary present my wife has ever bought me – thanks Mrs D.” – Adam from Malvern 

Adam’s tale is one for the books. Expecting a traditional gift for their anniversary, he was taken aback when his wife presented him with a giant cardboard surprise from Ship A Dick. The laughter that ensued wasn’t just confined to their home; it became the talk of the neighbourhood, proving that sometimes, the best gifts are those that bring a smile. 

The Hen Party Hit 

“A cracking hen do in Ibiza celebrating ‘1 Dick 4 Life’. Well perhaps, let’s see how it goes. LOL.” – Em & Candy from Ibiza 

Em and Candy took their hen party to the next level. Amidst the sun-soaked streets of Ibiza, their Ship A Dick became an iconic party companion. From beachside giggles to nightclub poses, it was a hit that added an extra layer of hilarity to their already unforgettable celebration. 

The Office Mascot 

“After three glorious years, my team at work bought me a ‘So Schlong Dick’. It now sits pride of place in my trophy cabinet.” – The Chelsea Badger 

Imagine the surprise at a corporate farewell party when a ‘So Schlong Dick’ was unveiled. The Chelsea Badger’s story is one of unexpected workplace humour. This funny token from his team not only lightened the mood but also became a legendary piece in his trophy cabinet, a reminder of the fun times shared at work. 

The Pet Mix-Up 

“Was sent this by my brother; the dog thought it was a large Bonio, which wasn’t far from the truth.” – Toby from Cheltenham 

Toby’s holiday season took a comical turn thanks to his brother’s gift and his dog’s hilarious reaction. The mix-up not only led to a house full of laughter but also became a beloved family story, retold at gatherings with chuckles and grins. 

The Office Party Turnaround 

In one office, a Secret Santa exchange turned extraordinary when a Ship A Dick cardboard was unwrapped. The initial shock quickly gave way to uncontrollable laughter, setting a new benchmark for future gift exchanges. 

The Festive Family Icebreaker 

Another of our customers’ funniest stories shared how a Ship A Dick cardboard unexpectedly brought their usually reserved family together, turning a formal holiday dinner into an evening filled with laughter and bonding. 

Wrapping Up with Laughter 

And there we have it – a smorgasbord of holiday hilarity, thanks to you lovely lot and our cheeky cardboard dicks. These stories aren’t just about the laughs; they’re about how a little bit of silliness can bring us all closer together. So, as we wrap up another festive season, let’s keep the spirit of fun alive.  

Whether it’s through a funny cardboard figure or a well-timed joke, let’s make sure our holiday memories are not just merry but downright hilarious. After all, isn’t that what makes this time of year so special? Here’s to a season filled with giggles, guffaws and good cheer!

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